In order that the tournament runs smoothly for all of us we need to comply with the following:-

1.  The tournament will be played under UKBGF rules v1.3.  Please familiarise yourself with the rules.

2.  Clocks: All matches are to be played on the clock.  Clock Settings – 2 mins per point + 12 secs per move, e.g 11-point match = 22 mins + 12 secs per move.  Please bring a clock if you have one.  You should be familiar with playing on the clock before the tournament.

3. Baffle Boxes: Baffle boxes are optional. If both players agree, a baffle box may be used.

4.  Matches will be played at designated, numbered tables – this really speeds up the process of getting matches going in a timely fashion.  Players will be expected to play on that designated table.  For the avoidance of doubt “moving video equipment is a hassle” is not a valid reason for playing on the wrong table.

5.  Breaks / lunch / leaving the playing room – if you are going to be away from the theatre of play for more than 5 minutes you must let the tournament staff know.

6.  Any breach of the rules for starting times and breaks may result in penalty points.  If a player is not present and has not started the match 5 minutes after the starting time or after the end of the permitted break, one penalty point may be awarded.  Subsequently a further penalty point may be awarded for each subsequent 5 minute delay.  When a player has been awarded penalty points corresponding to more than half of the length of the match, such player shall be deemed to have won the match. ​

7.  If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Director(s) and selected experienced players at the tournament​.

8.  There may be arrangements to keep everyone as safe as possible with respect to Covid-19.  Everyone is expected to adhere to these guidelines.